Thursday, January 04, 2007

Barak Obama Book Reveals Former Drug Use

The black Illinois Senator and potential Democratic presidential candidate made the confession in a memoir written 11 years ago, not long after he graduated from law school and well before he contemplated life on the national stage.

Obviously this will hand the 45 year-old Obama's critic's ammunition to use against him in his political career, not to mention any presidential bid.

On the other hand, through his book, Obama has become the first potential presidential contender to admit trying cocaine.

"I believe what the country is looking for is someone who is open, honest and candid about themselves rather than someone who seems endlessly driven by polls or focus groups," said Robert Gibbs, Obama's spokesman.


I say so what?

The Untied States should legalize all drugs. The only intoxicant that is allowed now is the drug of choice of our white European founding fathers - alcohol.

All other cultures’ intoxicant of choice are banned. People from Asia have gotten high from opium for hundreds of years, but that’s outlawed.

South Americans have chewed coca leaves for centuries, but that’s banned.

Caribbean nations have long smoked marijuana - it’s illegal in the US.

Native Americans used peyote in religious ceremonies - prohibit that, too.

Our drug laws are racist.

Prohibition doesn’t work. People LIKE getting high.

Making something “taboo” only makes it more appealing.

I know all of the arguments...that letting people have easy access to drugs will increase use. Maybe so. But removing the cachet of “forbidden fruit” may lower usage. And there might be people who will use excessive amounts and die of overdoses. But there are people dying of overdoses now. Teach responsibility, not prohibition.

I know the people who work in enforcement of these antiquated and ineffective laws don’t want to lose their jobs. They don’t have to. Treat all of the drugs just like we do alcohol. Turn all of the DEA jobs into regulators. License all the sellers. Tax all of the products. (Think of the revenue!) Regulate all of the manufacturers. (Think of all the new jobs creation in legal drug manufacturing!) Set up rehab centers for those who overindulge.

Suddenly, with no profitability in selling drugs, drug wars vanish. Police are freed up to tackle other crimes. Our justice system is no longer swamped with drug cases.

Tighten up the laws regarding driving while intoxicated. Nobody should be behind the wheel of a vehicle if they’re high on anything. But what adults do in the privacy of their own home, in a bar, or at a party is their own business and their own responsibility.

Because people are going to get high. It’s just that simple. So let them. Face reality, regulate it and tax it.

And move on to more important issues.

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